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50 Inspiring Veteran Quotes for Veteran’s day!

Love for the country cannot be judged when you live and do something for it, It also is felt when you die for the country.

Soldiers are not strong by body; it needs a lot of mental strength to win the battles of life.

Look at the soldiers as your own brother, son or husband then you will know the real meaning of freedom.

The nation loves you respect you, not because you sacrificed for it, but because you won just are standing there.

Not everyone is lucky to have a life of veteran. It needs strength and courage and not your degree to get there.

He promised his mother that he will return, though mother nation was his soul mother. Mother Nation wanted him forever.

They are normal people like you and me. Though after they are I uniform you see a different person in them.

For all the Veterans of the nation, you live in our hearts forever, we salute you.

If you have the freedom to do anything in this country, it is because of the Brave heroes we had.

Our hearts beat for you and your family every single day! You got courage you got commitment and we got you. The best.

We honor your commitment, what you did, what you were doing and what you could have done.

We can never understand the power you have in each one of you. We salute you till our last breath.

Wars will never end, wait will never end. Only thing ends is life. And for a martyr that is a blessing. We are proud of all the heroes who gave their lives for the nation.

Our present is here because they were present there. The whole nation owes you.

Veteran day is a day to remember you, your commitment and your thoughtfulness. We are lucky to have you.

Anyone can be a man, but it takes a lot to be a soldier. Respect till eternity.

The man in uniform commands respect, great example of how respect is earned and not asked for.

One’s love for the country is also measured by soldiers who have lost their lives.

All those who feel that by giving orders on the field you become great or ideal of somebody.

Think twice, the ones who sacrificed their life and family for the nation were the ones who did not give orders but took them!

Sacrificing life is the biggest reward one can give to humanity. That too if it’s for your mother country and your brothers.

We all should all be thankful to the great men on fields of all times who sacrificed their lives for no reason but to save their country.

The best virtue one can never learn but comes by birth.

We happily remember those who fought like a soldier and shot like a man.

Got us freedom and that respect for our countrymen.

Thank you for taking a call, making a decision, serving a purpose and imbibing faith in humanity.

Thank you for loving your country the way we should.

For those who were never afraid, for those who won it all, for those who sacrificed for others and never had it all. For those who lost lives, for those who loved their wives, for those who had families.

We are blessed to have you at times when you took a decision above all.

You shot like a wind and gave us the freedom, deep and tall.

For all those who fought in the tough times and made it through.

For all those who made more than this and got us where we never thought we could. We honor you and your family.

With sincerity and great pride we the nation love you and respect for laying your lives without a second thought.

Nothing is greater than love for the country.

We salute you and honor your achievements.

We feel good about our present and dream for our future because you all made us through.

We are here because of you.

We thank you and salute you for your sincere efforts and dedication for your job which is not meant for all.

For keeping faith in yourselves, for showing us how to love your country, you soldiers are always remembered.

Thank you for protecting us fraternity, thank you for protecting our future generations.

We respect what you do, be it here on service or there fighting a war. We truly are blessed to have all with our country.

For all the great men who fought for our country, winning the battles in real, with our hearts thanking you and eyes filled with tears, we pay huge respect for you all.

We thank you and your family for being so brave and sacrificing so much which we cannot even imagine for the sake of our country and its fellowmen.

There is nothing more important than the love for your country.

For all the future generations our soldiers have sacrificed so much.

A big thank you to all of them and the ones who are serving even now.

With a lot of admiration and gratitude our hearts fill with immense joy feeling the wave of freedom.

Big salute to the real heroes.

What we see as real heroes are not the ones fighting for some causes or fighting for the world.

They are those who joined the dream of ensure our safety from the rest of the world.

They made our world a better place to live in.

When our flags are held high they are only because some soldiers out there are either standing, ready to fight anytime and for those strong ones who left us.

We bow in front of you and are so proud of you.

Real heroes don’t need any salutes or awards. They know they are the best and the country is always proud of them.

They risk our lives every day and let us live in this world peacefully!

We are often confused choosing a career path. Real men are not.

They know their love for their nation.

We honor their achievements and sacrifices.

Something’s are unforgettable.

We get so much inspiration from all your heroes.

We try to become like you but you are unbeatable.

Thank you for being there and making us proud.

Bow and remember the past and present and the hands which shape our future.

A big thank you to one and all. We are so proud of you.

We as nation should remember the ones who are currently in service and also honor the ones who have laid their lives for our freedom.

We sleep here peacefully just because they stand there across the border with the head help high.

Thank you all for volunteering and playing a gamble of your life.

You don’t need a name for yourself when you are living for a country.

A big salute to all those who share these thoughts.

To choose one’s country over anything else in the world is a reward in itself!

We will never forget the unasked favors for. You did it all. Sacrificing in a different way.

We don’t have words to express our gratitude, all we can say is thank you for being there.

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