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50 Most Famous SMS About Veterans Day

Here are most famous sms for veterans day. 

1. Remember Arlington every time you feel disheartened. Your spirits get revived and you feel alive time and again now.

2. Every veteran gains strength and hope as long as he is part of the nation which he serves earnestly.

3. United we stand and we will bear the load of leading the nation to safety and prosperity. We are dependable veterans.

4. The journey of Veterans Day started from Sarajevo and continues in Syria and elsewhere. The nation is proud of you.

5. Memories of Arlington shall stay engraved in every American heart, eternally respecting the spirit of veteran unity and service.

6. Veterans who sacrificed their lives didn’t SMS names to remember. Their anonymity makes them commendable heroes.

7. Anonymity and selfless action mark the immensity of every veteran’s sacrifice. Every heart utters word of gratitude and appreciation.

8. Every bullet that bleeds an American soldier somewhere in the world is a memento of unselfish sacrifice.

9. Every citizen of a civilized society knows how much s/he is grateful to the gallantry of the veterans of yesterday and today.

10. Surrendering personal safety and family welfare to nation, veterans show the way to real sense of responsibility.

11. Furor of antiwar sentiments is easy to express sitting within four walls. Ask veterans who struggle to protect innocents from genocide and torture.

12. No one can criticize the wartime actions of veterans unless he has a onetime glimpse of what they endure for years.

13. Getting rid of guilt is the first requirement for every veteran to be vigorous part of the society.

14. Remember those languishing wartime US POWs before you throw away your life for a dose of drugs.

15. Wartime veterans never demanded weekends and holiday trips while on duty. Thank your luck for getting such lavishness.

16. Every war fought by veterans has a just cause. Just wear their shoes for a while before commenting.

17. Veteran rehabilitation is not a kindness act, rather a fundamental responsibility of every civilized society.

18. 11th month, 11th day and 11th hour come and go. Remnants from sands of time are significant for every veteran.

19. Society owes its gratitude to the spouse of every veteran, who patiently waited for his safe return from gates of hell.

20. The evergreen chronicle of teen Vietnam veterans is etched into every heart that still beats now!

21. Every veteran combatant needs a calm and composed life which is his just right. Society owes it to him.

22. Health care scheme for veterans is a privilege you deserve. Don’t let it slip away between your fingers.

23. Those veterans who have left us and those who are still with us are worthy of salutation today and tomorrow.

24. Retiring as a wartime veteran is an honor. Keeping that honor during peacetime is a privilege you can’t afford to miss.

25. Veterans Day celebrations become more meaningful when they start with a heartfelt “Thank You” from beneficiaries.

26. Surviving wartimes is only the beginning for the veterans. They enter real battleground after retiring.

27. Wounded and disabled veterans are the most favored children of the American national family. They deserve the first candy.

28. Veterans from Vietnam have gone through more torment back home. It is time to set things right for them.

29. Tough looking veterans have a tender heart buried beneath the heap of bullets and burnt bodies.

30. The life of a veteran returning from Africa, Asia and Australia is a colorful experience painted in red.

31. Veterans didn’t ask for wars, nor did they hesitate when asked to serve. What are we giving them in return?

32. First step towards honoring a veteran is to start treating him like a human rather than just another war machine.

33. Veteran pension scheme needs to cover far more than just bread, bed and brandy. Assured and insured life is a must.

34. Today is too special for you for a veteran and me as an admirer; we are both alive and active.

35. Veterans are certainly not angels falling from heavens. But they have endured many shelling descending from the skies.

36. Traumatized veterans from all over the nation unite! It is high time to create new tracks of life

37. Hanging guns and floral tributes keep the memories of departed veterans glowing in our hearts forever.

38. Greet a veteran from your heart when you meet him next time. You may find a couple of gratitude messages popping out.

39. A wartime veteran caught in the web of past and future tends to lose ground reality of the present. Cheer up, we love you always.

40. Being veteran war soldier is an honor which is worth envying. Saga of sacrifices is something that often goes unsung.

41. Returning from noisy battlegrounds to civilian life can create vacuum. This is filled with love and understanding.

42. Patriotism is the common factor between the first unknown soldiers buried in Arlington to the last ones in Syria today.

43. You can’t always go by words to express your gratitude to the veterans. Get into action and community service today.

44. Keep your children informed about sacrifice made by veterans of past and now. It does create passion for patriotism.

45. Take a day off and visit a war memorial on Veterans Day. It is more worthy than visiting the nearest Pizza corner.

46. Veterans have always been disciple and devoted during death and destruction. Give them a chance to enjoy civilian life.

47. Veterans Day special starts with soldiers’ parade and ends with memorial speeches. But the memories keep lingering forever.

48. Every veteran family today is living example of collective sacrifice. The nation salutes them not just today but every day.

49. Healing the trauma of War time genocides takes time for every veteran. The nation is always with you during recovery.

50. Every veteran who returns unharmed and in full shape is a treasure the nation likes to preserve forever.

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